Building Permits                           Building Permit Application

Building permits are required for:                     
  • Construction, modification, repair, enlargement, or placement of any structure over 80 square feet in size
  • Decks or porches over 30 inches in height
  • Shingling, siding, and window or door replacement
Permits for certain minor work may be exempted by the building department. Please call 605-773-3071 to confirm whether or not a building permit may be required for your project.

Mechanical Permits

Mechanical permits are required for:
  • The replacement, modification, or installation of furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, and water heaters that burn fossil fuels
  • The modification or installation of any venting associated with any such appliance
  • Any gas piping installed or modified that serves those appliances

Right of Way Excavation Permits

Excavation permits are required before anyone may excavate in city streets or right of ways within the city limits. Fees may be associated with excavation permits for street or alley repairs.

Contractor Information

City licenses required for:
  • All manufactured and mobile home installers doing plumbing work
  • All plumbing contractors and employees doing plumbing work
  • All electrical contractors and employees doing electrical work
  • All mechanical contractors, installers, and apprentices doing mechanical work
  • All water and sewer line installation contractors
  • All contractors doing residential construction within the city of Pierre
Note: State licenses may also be required for the above occupations.

Legal Notices

The City of Pierre's legal notices are published in the Pierre Capitol Journal