Administration Division

Main Responsibilities                                                                               

The Administrative Division is made up of both sworn and civilian personnel.

This division consists of the:

Chief of Police

The Chief of Police serves as the commander-in-chief of the Pierre Police Department. In addition, the Chief of Police is responsible for the direct supervision of the administrative and patrol captains. Both Captains oversee the day-to-day operations of the Pierre Police Department, and provide input to the Chief of Police on budget planning and budget management. The Administrative Captain and Patrol Captain also oversee the recruiting of all open positions within the Police Department.

Administrative Captain

The Administrative Captain serves as commander of the: 

Criminal Investigations Section
Community  Resource Officer Program
Animal Control
Records Section                                          

Patrol Captain

The Patrol Captain serves as commander of the: 
Officers assigned to the Central South Dakota SWAT Team (CSD SWAT)
Patrol Section
Traffic Team
Reserve Officer Program
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