Electronics Recycling

The city started an electronics and fluorescent bulb recycling program in February 2010. For an overview of the program and fee schedule, view the brochure.

Locations for Drop Off
Bring your electronic equipment to the Solid Waste Facility at 2800 East Park Street ( the entrance is off of Lowell Street). Fluorescent tubes / CFLs can be taken to city hall at 222 East Dakota, and all sizes can be taken to the Solid Waste Facility. There is a fee to recycle these items due to the cost associated with extracting the toxic / hazardous materials that they contain. Download the fee schedule to view the cost to recycle individual items.

This program in not mandatory for residents and home electronic devices, but you are encouraged to use this recycling program.

Non residents (businesses) and non personal uses are mandated by federal laws to either recycle your electronic type equipment or handle it as a hazardous waste. For more information to determine your options and applicability of the laws, please contact Val Keller at 605-773-7434. These items are restricted from acceptance for disposal at the Solid Waste Facility and Landfill from non residents. Only households are exempt from these federal laws.