Insurance Claim against City of Pierre

   Claim Form

How do I file a claim? 
The City of Pierre has a standard claim form that can be used for your convenience. The form must be filed with the Finance Officer, located at 222 E Dakota, Pierre SD 57501.

How do I obtain a claim form? 
You can access the form from the link above or pick one up in person at the Business Office at City Hall or you may call (605)773-7407 or request a form from Twila Hight via email.
How long do I have to file a claim? 
Per SDCL 3-21-3 a person has 180 days to file written notice of their potential claim.

What if time has expired since the incident occurred? 
If the notice statute has expired since the incident occurred, more then likely your claim will be denied for failure to file timely notice/failure to comply with the notice statute.

What should I attach to the claim? 
When pursuing a claim, you should include a copy of any law enforcement investigative reports, appraisals of the property damage, estimates, or any other documentation that you intend to use to support your claim for damages. Claims can be turned in without the information and notice should not be delayed due to not having all of the documentation you wish to present.

Can I have the repairs done or do I have to wait for the investigation to be concluded? 
It is each party’s responsibility to allow a reasonable amount of time for inspection of property which is asserted to have been damaged due to another. However, there is also a duty to mitigate damages relative to any incident. The answer to this question varies and should be addressed with the claims adjustor assigned to investigate your claim.

Once I file a claim, what happens next? 
Once a claim is filed, it is submitted to the City’s Insurance Carrier and an adjustor is assigned. The assigned adjustor will investigate each claim received and make a liability determination based upon the facts and evidence presented.

What do I do if my claim is denied? 
If you have additional information which you feel will change or alter the adjuster’s determination, you can present the same to the adjuster. You also have the option at any time to utilize your own insurance. You may proceed with challenging your claim via small claims or circuit court as is appropriate.