Community Resource Officer

Making Pierre a Better Place to Live

How many times have you heard citizens make comments about how well kept our city is and how we take pride in our property and the community in which we all share? Most Pierre residents are proud of this fact. Unfortunately, there are times when some areas of our community falter. When this happens, our entire community suffers. However, the Pierre Police Department is committed to alleviating that from happening.

In January 2000, the Pierre Police Department developed a Community Resource Program designed to enhance various aspect of public safety with the emphasis on enhancing the quality of living for residents in Pierre as well as those people visiting our community.    

Main Functions of the Program

One of the main functions of the Community Resource Program is the enforcement of health, safety, and public nuisance ordinances within the city, such as, but not limited to:

Building / Construction Materials
Dead Animal Carcasses or Hides
Discarded Appliances
Dismantled / Junk Vehicles
Dismantled / Junk Trailers
Unkept lawns, lots, trees, and alleys
Weed Eradication
Inspection of Tattoo / Body Piercing Artists and Establishments

The Community Resource Officer Program also assists with a program called Quality Control Checks. The program is designed to aid merchants with the proper techniques to prevent the sale of alcohol to persons using improper, forged, or fake identification. The program also conducts random checks of merchants throughout the year. A review of the results is conducted with each merchant, regardless of whether or not they pass the Quality Control Check.

The Community Resource Officer Program also assists with fingerprinting and walk-in reports, as well as phone calls that need to be handled by a police officer.

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