Dwelling Rental Program

Program Summary

Ordinance 10-23 allows for Dwelling Rental Registration, Licensing, and Inspection. This program is designed to provide an elevated level of life, health, safety assurance with rental housing in the City of Pierre. Owners will be required to be licensed and satisfactorily complete inspections of dwelling units. Failure to apply or renew shall result in a $200 fee. Repeat violations shall be considered a separate offense. 

Licensing Required

The City of Pierre requires the owner of any dwelling unit for lease, rent or permit to be leased/rented, to obtain a dwelling unit license for such dwelling unit. Each owner who does no reside within 50 miles of the City of Pierre, must appoint an agent that is located within 50 feet. 

The licensing fee is $20 per structure plus $15 per unit, due upon registration and annually each year. Licenses are not transferrable and change in ownership must be reported to the City for termination of existing licenses. 

Applications for License shall be completed through the City's online system. City staff will review applications and when accepted, the applicant will receive a Proof of Registration. The City will select units to be inspected, to allow for inspected every 5 years. After the City has satisfactorily completed the inspections, the Dwelling Rental License will be issued. 

Dwelling Rental Program Application

Registration/License Listing

The list of Registered and/or Licensed Dwellings is provided below. Questions or concerns about a living condition can be reported here.