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Best Practices Manual (PDF)

This document represents a series of best practices. The document is intended only for the use of this agency and not for any other agency. The document is not intended to be relied on by any other individual, public or private, or agency. The document may not be used in court or in any other forum against the agency or against any individual, other than use by the agency. The imposition of discipline by the agency against any individual under control of this agency is not proof of the failure to comply with the standard of care, but only with this agency’s practices. In many cases, these best practices strive to exceed the standard practice. Adoption of the NFPA [standard], when done, is not recognition of the standard but an attempt to achieve the best practice. Failure to adopt the NFPA [standard] is not the failure to meet a standard of care but a conscious choice of which practices are the best practice for this agency.

Insurance Policy

View information on the Supplemental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Policy (PDF) available to firefighters. To apply, complete the South Dakota Firefighters Association Application (PDF).