Contractor & Business Licensing

To apply for or renew a Business License with the City of Pierre, please select the appropriate form below. Complete the form and submit to, along with required forms or additional information, and the appropriate license fee. 

After application is received Finance assigns a License #. This number will be used for renewals and online payments. 

To make payments online, you will need to associate your Business License to your online membership, using your City Business License Number provided on your renewal. Once the Finance Office accepts your associated license, you will receive an email letting you know and then you can pay your license online. 

Please also provide any additional information, certificates of insurance or worker's compensation, to

If you are no longer in Business or no longer doing business in the City of Pierre, please request to terminate your license using the form below. Please complete and return to 2301 Patron Parkway Suite #1 or

Business License Application Forms

Click below to Pay Business License Fee or Associate Business License