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Disconnect Service Request Form

  1. Disconnection Request for Services with the City of Pierre
  2. enter today's date
  3. enter the date you want services to end
  4. The date for services to end must be today or later. For prior dates, please contact City Hall 773-7407 or
  5. enter the new address to send your utility deposit refund and final bill
  6. Deposit Refund Checks will be mailed to this address. Checks are not processed for less than $5.
  7. I understand that if I do not return my City issued Landfill Recycle key fob by the date of service disconnection, I will be charged $25 fee for the replacement of the lost card.
  8. I understand that refunds less than $5 are transferred to Pierre Area Referral Service.
  9. The above listed customer requests that their utility services from the City of Pierre are to be discontinued as of the requested date listed above. Customer is responsible for all bills and charges at this address until the requested date as listed above.
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