Read Meter

If your water node is not transmitting properly, the City of Pierre is not receiving your water meter reading. If you receive the below postcard in the mail, then we need you to read your water meter for us. Without your meter reading, your water bill is being estimated. This will result in over or under billing for water, which will cause a large catch up when the correct meter reading is billed. 

How to Read your Water Meter

On or near the 19th of the month, please access your water meter and:

  •  Take a picture and text to 605-280-5276 ~ Preferred method
  • Text the meter reading to 605-280-5276 or email to
  • Write the meter reading on the post card and drop in utility drop box.
Meter Read Card UPDATED 12-2-2022_TH version

Why do I need to read my meter?

  • The electronic device that remotely reads your water meter each month is malfunctioning; as a result, the City is not receiving a reading from your water meter.
  • A replacement device is on order. However, COVID temporarily shut-down the manufacturing plant. Replacement devices are expected to arrive by the end of 2023. Once replaced, you will no longer need to report your reading. We will coordinate the replacement with you.
  • Until that time, we are asking you to provide a water meter reading to the City monthly. Without a reading, we estimate your water usage and related charges.
  • An accurate reading results in   accurate billing.

How long will you need to read your meter?

You will no longer need to read your meter when a meter technician makes an appointment with you to install the new node on your water meter.