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  1. Code Enforcement Complaint Form

    Complete this form to report a building code enforcement complaint to the City of Pierre Building Department.

Engineering / Planning

  1. Drainage Inlet Marking Program

    Complete this form to have drains or inlets marked to increase drainage awareness.

  1. Storm Water Illicit Discharge Reporting Tool

    Please complete this form to report illicit storm water discharge, illegal dumping or other storm water related concerns within the... More…


  1. Cemetery Billing Form

    Use this form to notify Finance of a bill to be processed for Cemetery services.

  2. Pickleball Court Project: Online Donation

    Capital Area Pickleball Association - Court Campaign

  3. Request to Terminate Business License

    If you are no longer in business or no longer doing business within the City of Pierre, please submit this form.

  1. Hillsview Golf Gift Certificate Purchase

    Purchase Hillsview Golf Course Gift Certificate

  2. Pierre Community Dog Park - Online Donation

    Pierre Community Dog Park - Online Donation

Rawlins Library

  1. Rawlins Library: Library Card Application

    All applications submitted between Sunday-Thursday will be processed the following business day and will be available for pick up after... More…


  1. Disconnect Service Request Form

    Customer request to discontinue services with the City of Pierre.

  2. Report a pothole

    Let City staff know about street surface concerns in your neighborhood.

  3. Round Up Your Utility Bill

    Participants will have their utility bill rounded up to the nearest even dollar and the increment rounded up will go to a local charity... More…

  4. Service Request - Water Shutoff Curb Stop

    Customer request Water Shutoff at Curb Stop

  5. Temporary Service Request Form

    Customer request temporary services with the City of Pierre.

  1. Information Update

    Provide updated contact information on your City Utility Account.

  2. Report a Problem with your water

    This form provides a mechanism for citizens to report drinking water concerns directly to the City of Pierre Water Department. The... More…

  3. Service Request - Sprinkler

    Customer request Sprinkler Meter Turn On or Off

  4. Service Request - Water Turn-on Curb Stop

    Customer request Water Turn-on at Curb Stop